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Friends of Lakenheath Library, 12/03/12

Location, Date, Time: Lakenheath Library, 12th of March, 7pm

Attendees: Parish Cllr Iain Frost, Marilyn Shone, Bill Rockett, Madeleine Rockett, Ann Cross, Jim Cross, Alison Donald (Business Development Team, Suffolk County Council), Chris Howard (Lakenheath Library Manager).

Apologies for Absence: District and County Cllr Colin Noble, Sheila Smith, Harold Spencer

1) Organisation Structure

Agreed to set up a structure to become a charity and to set up bank account. Agreed to appoint Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer at next meeting.

2) Industrial and Provident Society

Suffolk IPS is due to start in May/June 2012 and will also be a registered charity. Chris Howard due to attend meeting on Thursday, 15th March about the IPS and should be able to report back at next meeting.

3) West Suffolk Book Fair

Discussed letter from Sheila Smith – agreed that as a book fair will cost money, which at present we don’t have, it would be too ambitious to go ahead this year. Agreed that we should discuss the idea with other libraries to get their involvement and set this up next year.

4) Village Noticeboard Advertising

Following discussions to identify locations of notice boards, it was agreed to put up about 10 notices on village notice boards inviting people to join FOLK and notifying them of future meetings.

5) Friends of Lakenheath Library Blog

Cllr Iain Frost showed committee members the new website, entitled “”. Agreed to make minor adjustments, to change “Mission Statement” to “Aims” and in section “About Us” to include the words “welcoming” and “cultural centre”. Cllr Iain Frost with Chris Howard will be responsible for overseeing the website.

6) Branding

Chris Howard had designed two new FOLK logos – following discussion, the logo of pile of 4 books with each word Friends of Lakenheath Library down the spine of the books was chosen.

7) Parish Council Question

Cllr Iain Frost confirmed that he would raise the whole concept of FOLK and the use of parish notice boards at next PC meeting, prior to our next meeting.

8) Any Other Business

Cllr Iain Frost to also raise with PC issue of Section 106 money from Tesco for communal use.

9) Date of Next Meeting

Monday 16th April at 7.00 pm at Lakenheath Library.


Hello everyone and welcome to the Friends of Lakenheath Library blog! We created the ‘Friends’ to protect and support our library service in Lakenheath, Suffolk during this difficult financial time and this site is our way of telling you about how we’re going to do that. Stay tuned!