An Article of Note

The following is a transcript of an article written for and published in the February 2012 edition of the Lakenheath Times, our monthly village newsletter, by committee member Cllr Iain Frost to inform the village about F.O.L.K.:

Friends of Lakenheath Library

Hello Lakenheath Times readers,

Last spring our County Councillor Colin Noble hosted a public meeting on how Suffolk’s libraries would be affected as the county council grappled with the cuts they were making to their budget. The meeting at the Memorial Hall was fairly well attended and good natured with the best point of the evening being the suggestion to create a group to help protect and support our library. Myself and several others at the end of the meeting volunteered to join the library group.

In July Colin generously asked me if I would like to take up role of co-ordinator for the group, which I was more than happy to do with my background in the library service and strong desire to ensure we keep our library. Since then we’ve held a few meetings in the village, which have had a optimistic and enthusiastic mood despite the difficulties that we know lie ahead.

At the second meeting of the group we learned that Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet was recommending to the next full council that our library service be transformed into a charitable organisation.

If you have any questions about the Friends of Lakenheath Library then please feel free to ask me about it if you see me in the village or you can go into the library and chat to Chris Howard the manager, we’re both happy to talk to you about the group.

Cllr Iain Frost

Friends of Lakenheath Library


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