Last Minute Meeting Announcement

Following on from our annoucement of an informal catch-up and group get together in the “Decorations, Minutes & Meetings” post from late last month, we can now confirm that this will be taking place on Tuesday 10th July at 7pm at Lakenheath Library. We realise this is a rather last minute posting, but we hope it will serve more as a reminder to our regular members, who were all informed last week.

Although there is no set agenda for the meeting, we hope to use the time to go over the information imparted to us by our IPS guests at our May meeting, and discuss the progress of the F.O.L.K. group thus far, giving members a chance to air any comments or complaints they may have. We will also use the session to brainstorm ideas for a potential library stall at this year’s Lakenheath Carnival on August 4th.

Please note that this meeting will not be minuted.


One response to “Last Minute Meeting Announcement

  1. I have the offer of three gazebos for 4th August. One may leak and one may have parts missing but with a bit if ingenuity at least one should be functional. I have also got information coming about the cost aof a banner which I will pass on when available.. Anne Cross

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