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Lakenheath Carnival 2012 Review

Well, what a day!  Okay so it was a *little* wet on Saturday 4th August and we didn’t get as many people on the playing fields as we had hoped, but with the lovely marquee provided by Bill and Madeleine Rockett, our Lakenheath Library stall was dry and warm and offered shelter to a few damp souls.  There were also favourable comments about our professionally-printed banner (thank you Marilyn Shone!) and plans are afoot to display it permanently in the library.

Cllr Colin Noble – who has kindly agreed to a donation to fund our expenses for the event – also stopped by for a chat to find out how we were doing and there was many an amusing moment to keep our spirits up, including Bill’s 100 yard dash in under four seconds and how useful Iain Frost’s umbrella was – and not for the purpose it was made!

But I know you are keen to know how much we raised on the withdrawn book sale, and I am pleased to announce our total for the day reached £32.20, which considering that our highest priced book was just 50p, was an impressive amount. This cash has now been entered into the library’s till; which is the cause we were there to benefit.

Hopefully a few more people will now come through the library doors as a result of our promotion as some members of the public asked about the Bookstart Bear (which was there to advertise the upcoming Tot Rock sessions, starting this autumn) and the Story Lab Summer Reading Challenge.

Well done and thank you to everyone who helped throughout the day, we couldn’t have done it without you.  More important than raising the money, we raised the profile of Lakenheath library and us F.O.L.K. worked well together as a group.


Review written by Sheila Smith. Edited by Christopher Howard. Photographs by Iain Frost.

Friends of Lakenheath Library Meeting, 20/08/12

Location, Date & Time: Lakenheath Library, 20th August 2012 at 7pm

Attendees: Chris Howard (Library Manager), Parish Cllr Iain Frost, Alison Donald (Business Development Team, Suffolk County Council), Bill Rockett, Marilyn Shone and Sheila Smith.

Apologies for Absence: Madeleine Rockett, Ann Cross and District/County Cllr Colin Noble.

1) Apologies for Absence

The meeting was opened with apologies given as above. Best wishes for a speedy recovery were passed to Madeleine Rockett.

2) Minutes from a previous Meeting

The last meeting minutes/actions were not available for review but have been included below.

Outstanding Actions from the 30th January 2012.

Identify the number of library card users on the date of the transfer to IPS and this would be used as a baseline figure. Ongoing.

All attendees to draft a mission statement and objectives for discussion and agreement at the next meeting. Ongoing.

3) Bank Account – Confirmation of signatories

3a) Marilyn Shone informed the meeting of the requirements to open a charity bank account at the local Lloyds TSB and the necessity for each cheque written to be signed by two individuals.

3b) Cllr Iain Frost was originally selected to be the Treasurer with Marilyn Shone as secondary but concerns were raised by his line management at Brandon library of the potential for a conflict of interest due to Iain Frost’s employment by the IPS. Following an out of committee discussion, it was proposed that Madeleine Rockett might take on the role but due to ill-health this appointment will be delayed.

It was agreed that Marilyn Shone would assume the role of Acting Treasurer with Sheila Smith and Madeleine Rockett as secondary signatories as necessary.

Marilyn Shone to complete the on-line Lloyds TSB F.O.L.K bank account application form.

4) Income and Outgoings

4a) The requirement for the library to reduce their outgoings or increase their income by 5% this financial year still remains.

Chris Howard to ascertain the current income and outgoings of Lakenheath Library.

4b) It was suggested that the Parish Council could assist by providing some funding from the Section 106 monies expected from the development of the Tesco store on the Matthews site. Alison Donald noted that careful attention to the wording of this section was required as sometimes it can be written in a specific manner.

Cllr Iain Frost to find out if the Section 106 funding may be used towards supporting the library.

Sheila Smith to draft a letter to the Parish Council requesting that the library and the services it provides to the community be kept in mind when they compile the replacement to the Village Plan.

4c) Marilyn Shone reported that there are a variety of charity sponsorships that may be accessible once the F.O.L.K charity is set up.

5) IPS & Library Updates

5a) Chris Howard reported that since the official transfer of the Suffolk library service to the IPS on the 1st of August, there had been no further update from the IPS.

5b) There has been no guidance received from the IPS regarding the need for each library group to set up as an independent charity or if they will be ‘sheltered’ under the IPS Charity umbrella. Concerns were expressed that the expense and complications of setting up as a charity may be too onerous for F.O.L.K but Alison Donald suggested that a review of the Charities Commission website may reveal that due to the group’s size, a much easier option may be available.

It was noted that when registering as a charity, the group should have documented Terms and Conditions as well as Aims and Objectives and ensure that they comply with all agreed legislations including the Equalities Legislation.

Alison Donald to identify if there are any other libraries who have already undertaken to list as a charity and seeking their advice.

Marilyn Shone to review the Charity Commission requirements, reporting findings as necessary.

There are still new people becoming library card holders every week.

6) Advertising Library Events

6a) Sheila Smith reported that she had sent a review of the library stall at the Carnival Day for inclusion into the September Edition of the Lakenheath Times.

6b) It was reported that there had been approximately 700 visitors to the blog.

6c) Chris Howard noted that more regular updates to the blog were required to ensure that interest was maintained.

6d) Suggestions for inclusions on the blog were discussed and it was requested that the photographs of the Library stall taken by Iain Frost at the Carnival Da, as well as a review of the day, be uploaded.

Chris Howard would edit the review sent to the Lakenheath Times and include it on the blog site.

Cllr Iain Frost to send the photographs to Chris Howard for uploading to the blog.

6e) Other suggestions for advertising were:

i) Placing the banner in the library

ii) Putting up posters on the noticeboards

iii) Providing a group profile to the local press

iv) Press releases about Tot Time, Book Club, Story Lab Presentation

6f) Chris Howard reported that the Story Lab Medal Ceremony was scheduled for the 14th September at 6pm with the medals being presented by Cllr Colin Noble.

Cllr Iain Frost to contact the local press about the Story Lab Medal Ceremony on the 14th September at 6pm.

Ideas to make the medal ceremony special and how F.O.L.K could be represented at the ceremony.

7) Increasing Library User Ideas

7a) Bill Rockett asked:

i) If there was still a need for volunteers in library?

ii) If such volunteers were used what tasks they would conduct?

iii) Would Criminal Records Bureau checks be required even if volunteers were accompanied by library staff?

Chris Howard responded that if volunteers were to be used in the library they would not be authorised to access library user data on the computer. They could assist with the books, cds and many other tasks. All volunteers are required to be CRB checked even if they are not in direct contact with children.

7b) No progress has been made to provide conservational sessions to assist those attempting to learn other languages.

Sheila Smith to research how conversational sessions for those learning other languages could be provided.

7c) Other ideas suggested were: Halloween Party for different age groups, Invite a local author to the library and hold a Harry Potter themed event.

Chris Howard to contact Chris Priestley, author of young adult scary books to request a visit to the library.

8) Any Other Business

An advert for hiring the marquee should be placed on the blog, £10 deposit and £10 per day.

9) Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in the Library on Monday the 10th of September 2012 at 7pm.


Minutes taken by Sheila Smith, Chair and Secretary of F.O.L.K, edited and uploaded by Parish Cllr Iain Frost

Carnival Stall

Keep an eye out for the Lakenheath Library stall at this year’s Lakenheath Carnival, which takes place – following a parade by the floats which starts at noon – on the village playing fields this coming Saturday, 4th August.

The aim of the stall is to promote the library’s diverse range of services and, in doing so, increase footfall through our door, so pop along and speak to one of our five friendly F.O.L.K. volunteers, pick up some promotional materials or have a rummage through our withdrawn book sale for a bargain or two. You may even decide to become a “Friend” yourself!

 Photos from the event will follow on this site next week – so check back soon!