Lakenheath Carnival 2012 Review

Well, what a day!  Okay so it was a *little* wet on Saturday 4th August and we didn’t get as many people on the playing fields as we had hoped, but with the lovely marquee provided by Bill and Madeleine Rockett, our Lakenheath Library stall was dry and warm and offered shelter to a few damp souls.  There were also favourable comments about our professionally-printed banner (thank you Marilyn Shone!) and plans are afoot to display it permanently in the library.

Cllr Colin Noble – who has kindly agreed to a donation to fund our expenses for the event – also stopped by for a chat to find out how we were doing and there was many an amusing moment to keep our spirits up, including Bill’s 100 yard dash in under four seconds and how useful Iain Frost’s umbrella was – and not for the purpose it was made!

But I know you are keen to know how much we raised on the withdrawn book sale, and I am pleased to announce our total for the day reached £32.20, which considering that our highest priced book was just 50p, was an impressive amount. This cash has now been entered into the library’s till; which is the cause we were there to benefit.

Hopefully a few more people will now come through the library doors as a result of our promotion as some members of the public asked about the Bookstart Bear (which was there to advertise the upcoming Tot Rock sessions, starting this autumn) and the Story Lab Summer Reading Challenge.

Well done and thank you to everyone who helped throughout the day, we couldn’t have done it without you.  More important than raising the money, we raised the profile of Lakenheath library and us F.O.L.K. worked well together as a group.


Review written by Sheila Smith. Edited by Christopher Howard. Photographs by Iain Frost.


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