Friends of Lakenheath Library, 02/10/12

Location, Date & Time: Lakenheath Library, 2nd October 2012 at 7pm

Attendees: Chris Howard (CH), Bill Rockett (BR), Madeleine Rockett (MR), Marilyn Shone (MS) and Sheila Smith (SS).

Apologies for Absence: Ann Cross, County Cllr Colin Noble, Parish Cllr Iain Frost and Alison Donald.

1) Minutes from a previous Meeting

The last meeting minutes were agreed. All actions are captured on the Action Register.

2) Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that FOLK now have a bank account with Lloyds TSB and is waiting for the cheque book and paying in book from Lloyds TSB. We are now waiting for a cheque from Cllr C. Noble’s locality budget.

Cllr Noble was advised that in August the Friends spent a total of £104.90 to attend the Lakenheath Village Fair, comprising £54.90 for the purchase of the marquee and £50 for the FOLK banner and that as these sums were paid for by members of FOLK, they have to be reimbursed. Cllr Noble advised that he could not draw a cheque for a small amount as this so asked for a budget for other events this year. He was informed that the Friends intended to organise two events at the Library this year; one for Halloween and one for Christmas each with a budget of £100.

He was therefore asked for a cheque for the sum of £305 to take the F.O.L.K funding through to the end of 2012.

3) Funding

It was agreed that in order to identify how savings could be made or how much money the group was expected to raise, it first required a clear understanding of how much it costs for the library to function.

Contact the IPS to request the figure that the library is expected to save/fund in the next year.

Marilyn Shone reported that there were many funding streams available but to access them key information and requirements must be in place.

Bill Rockett stated his belief that as the library is a key parish resource, the parish council is responsible for providing some financial support.

4) IPS & Library Updates

The Summer Reading Challenge presentation was conducted on the 14th September 2012.

Chris Howard reported that the IPS Regional Manager had confirmed that the agreement of parents to have their children photographed at the event should be held in the library.
Steve Warren is designing a ‘Visit Lakenheath’ website and has offered to provide a page to the library (see the link on the Visit Mildenhall site).
5) Library Events

It was suggested that each F.O.L.K member have individual photographs taken and along with this a brief sentence of the introduction to be placed on the Blog.

Members to consider the suggestion and decide at the next meeting.

Halloween. It was agreed that two events would be held on Tuesday, 30th October.

3pm – 5pm (up to 7 years old) spooky stories, puppets, arts, crafts and face painting
5pm – 7pm (7 and older) arts and crafts
All events would be accompanied by ‘spooky’ music.

Marilyn Shone reported that she would be happy to dress up as a witch and read stories to the young and purchase (to be reimbursed) decorations, balloons & sweets. She also offered to provide two pumpkins.

Madeleine Rockett offered to make a witches hat for Marilyn Shone to wear, to provide two carved pumpkins and carve the pumpkins provided by Marilyn Shone. Unfortunely, due to a long standing commitment, Madeleine Rockett would not be able to assist on the day.

Post meeting note: Parish Cllr Iain Frost later offered to provide two carved pumpkins and to assist in decorating the library as well as helping with those who attend

Sheila Smith offered to purchase a variety of arts and craft items and to assist on the day.

Chris Howard reported that he would contact the publisher of Chris Prestley books to see if he would be available to come to the library to conduct a reading/meet the author session.

Post meeting note: The response received was that the suggested age range may be too young, that the upcoming book which would have been ideal for Halloween is to be released as an e-book only and that authors can charge up to £300 for a 45 minute – 1 hour session. This was deemed to be too expensive.

Chris Howard to contact the area manager to ensure that the Halloween plans are allowed to go ahead.

Post meeting note: Chris Howard confirmed that the IPS Area Manager had no objections to FOLK’s Halloween plans.

Although Ann Cross could not attend the meeting she did provide an update to Chris Howard.

It is important to recognise that there is a wide demographic of library users and whilst attending events that are attended by older residents, Ann asked some if they had access to the internet and if not would they be interested in computer classes at the library. The response was that none had access to the internet at home and neither were they interested in learning or using the internet.

The meeting attendees acknowledged that there has been emphasis on accessing the library services via the internet or using the internet at the library. It was suggested that the committee contact other groups in person and also ensure that there are printed copies of updates available.

It was agreed that in order to determine what the library needs to provide to ensure its future within the village, it should:

Identify the current usage figures and for what service provided.
Identify what the residents want from the library by writing/visiting other village group events to promote the library and the F.O.L.K. Gain suggestions for improvements from current library users.
Develop ideas on how to get more people using the library.
Chris Howard reported that the plan to train all library managers on how to teach others to use computers was stopped when the library came under threat of closure. He is unaware of any plans to reinstate this training.

Shiela Smith to research how conversational sessions for those learning other languages could be provided.

6) Any Other Business

Bill Rockett suggested that as well as providing computer training other educational assistance could be provided.

7) Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in the Library on Monday the 23rd October 2012 at 7pm.


Miwere taken taken by Sheila Smith, Chair and Secretary of F.O.L.K, edited and uploaded by Parish Cllr Iain Frost


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