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Friends of Lakenheath Library Meeting, 26/11/12

Location, Date & Time: Lakenheath Library, 26th November 2012 at 7pm
Attendees: Chris Howard, Bill Rockett,Madeleine Rockett, Anne Cross, Alison Donald (Business Development Team, Suffolk County Council) , Parish Cllr Iain Frost and Sheila Smith.
Apologies for Absence: District and County Cllr Colin Noble

1) Welcoming a new member 

The chair welcomed Mary to the group and thanked all for attending. The meeting was opened with apologies given as above.

2) Minutes from a previous Meeting 

The last meeting minutes were agreed. All actions are captured on the Action Register.

3) Treasurer’s Report

Unfortunately, the Treasurer was not in attendance and therefore a full update was not provided. However, Alison Donald reported that Cllr Colin Noble had asked for his apologies to be expressed that the £300 agreed to cover expenses incurred from the Fun Day, Halloween and Christmas events had not yet been transferred.

Parish Cllr Iain Frost to contact Cllr Noble regarding the missing payment.

4) Industrial and Provident Society/ Suffolk Libraries Updates

Chris Howard reported that the response from the Area Manager to the request to use one of the library windows for advertising had been favourable but they would like to see a mock-up of possible promotion before giving their approval. It should also be noted that the proposed advert will have to be reviewed and cleared by the IPS management prior to its implementation.

Alison Donald provided the historical binders capturing the work taken towards the development of the library group and the meetings and achievements of the F.O.L.K group to date for storage at the library. It is important that all major documentation is printed out and filed correctly.

Chris Howard reported that he was exploring the possibility of a link to the F.O.L.K blog being placed on the Suffolk Libraries website. 

Post meeting note: Chris Howard has confirmed that accessing Lakenheath Library’s blog is now possible from the Suffolk Libraries website.

Similar library support groups have now been set up in Brandon and Mildenhall although they were at a very early stage. Chris Howard requested that a F.O.L.K representative attend a meeting of the support group at Brandon on the 11th December 2012 at 2pm to provide a summary of the F.O.L.K history.

As this would require taking leave from work, Sheila Smith reported that she would need to check before committing to attending this meeting.

Chris Howard reported that he had been informed that there was an upcoming Ipswich Community Group meeting planned for self-help groups such as the F.O.L.K.

Post meeting note: The date of the meeting was not passed to Chris Howard in time for someone to attend.

Chris Howard reported that the details of the amount of savings to be made by libraries had been distributed. As an F category library, Lakenheath will be expected to raise £975 within the next 18 months. The group noted that although this seems a small amount, it was important the fund raising efforts continued to both raise money and to promote the library. Additionally, this may not be the same figure to be raised in future years

A discussion was held on potential fund-raising and it was agreed that the Parish Council should be approached for a donation of £150 from the allotted charity fund held by the Council.

Sheila Smith agreed to draft the letter to the council.

Post meeting note: The letter was compiled and acting on information provided by another parish councillor the amount was increased to £450. It was reported that the Parish Council has precept this sum under Section 137 in anticipation of the library making a formal application in March 2013. The Chair is awaiting a letter from the Parish Council detailing how the formal application is to be constructed.    

5) Lakenheath Library Events

3a) Halloween

It was agreed by all that the Halloween event had been a big success and everyone who assisted were thanked for their participation.

It did highlight the need for further support to the library staff by the Friends at such events in the future.

3b) Christmas

Bill Rockett suggested holding a Christmas Party or carol singing and providing hot jacket potatoes, hot dogs and/or mulled wine. Madeleine Rockett had conducted some price comparisons and reported the expected costs of such a venture. However, Anne Cross stated that events such as this are already held at the Peace Memorial Hall. Whilst the idea of providing hot food was good, there are Food Hygiene requirements that would need to be complied with.

It was agreed that the next library event should be held on the 6th of January, Twelfth Night/Three Kings and would consist of a treasure hunt for the young and refreshments and snacks for all age groups. The event was to be marketed as a final day of fun before the children to return to school, as a New Year’s Resolution to visit the library more and as a break for the parents.

Sheila Smith agreed to write the article for the Lakenheath Times.
6) Any Other Business


7) Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in the Library on Tuesday the 18th December 2012 at 7pm and will be to finalise the plans for the Twelfth Night/Three Kings event.

Minutes taken by Sheila Smith, Chair and Secretary of F.O.L.K, edited and uploaded by Parish Cllr Iain Frost

Monster Smash!

Tuesday 30th October saw the “Friends” host Lakenheath Library ’s very first Halloween Spook-tacular event – and they were blown away with what a terror-ific success it proved to be! A whopping 217 customers of all ages came through our doors over the course of the 4 hour event – almost four times our average footfall for a Tuesday opening!

As our photographs show, the library was given a frightful facelift with bats and spiders hanging from the ceiling, spiders webs adorning our monitors, skull and crossbones balloons (*all* blown up by the mega-lunged Bill), a skeletal new member of staff and a batch of pumpkins skilfully carved by members of the group.

F.O.L.K.’s resident (non-)wicked witch, Marilyn – replete with hat, cape and broomstick – cast a spell of enchantment over the attendees by reading a variety of spooky short stories, while there was an unending queue for children wanting their faces painted by our hard-working volunteer, Laurie, who we will definitely call on again for future library events given her immense popularity!

Meanwhile, the “Creepy Crafting” table saw children creating all manner of pumpkin-shaped masks, pirate hats and pipe-cleaner spiders in preparation for Wednesday’s trick or treating, overseen by our “devilish” artist Sheila (once she’d finished work, of course).

Add to this a bewitching soundtrack of haunting party favourites, a cauldron full of tasty treats and a library manager with a frightful headache (see pic), and it’s not hard to see why the Halloween Spook-tacular far exceeded the community group’s goal of getting more ghouls and guys through our door and making use of their local library.

Many, many thanks to all the “Friends” who contributed to the experience, even if you weren’t able to attend on the day, and finger’s crossed our forthcoming Christmas event (still being planned – watch this space!) will prove just as popular.

The F.O.L.K. will next be meeting at the library at 7pm on Monday 26th November to finalise such forthcoming plans – all pro-active members of the community welcome! 🙂