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Friends of Lakenheath Library Meeting, 16/04/13

Location, Date & Time: Lakenheath Library, 16th April 2013 at 7pm

Attendees: Chris Howard, Bill Rockett, Madelaine Rockett, Anne Cross, Mary Dimond, Iain Frost and Sheila Smith.

Apologies for Absence: Marilyn Shone.

1) Outstanding Actions

Sheila Smith reported that due to the number of discussion points on the meeting agenda, addressing outstanding actions would not be possible at this meeting. The actions are as follows:

30th Jan 12 – Chris Howard will identify the number of library card holders on the date of the transfer to IPS and this would be used as a baseline figure.

30th Jan 12 – All attendees to draft a mission statement and objectives for discussion and agreement at the next meeting.

2nd Oct 12 – Members to consider photograph and paragraphto be placed on the blog

12th Mar 13 – Chris Howard to identify current library building ownership and leasehold information from Suffolk IPS.

12th Mar 13 – All members to propose fund raising ideas to offset against the deficit outstanding, £525.

2) Treasurer’s Report

Sheila Smith presented the report provided by the Treasurer:

Available funds: £101.00

25th of March 2013/ Pay Out / £12 / Balance = £101

11th of March 2013 / Deposit In £27 / Balance = £137

5th of March 2013 / Cheque Pay Out £46 / Balance = £86

22nd of Feb 2013 / Pay Out £61.90 / Balance = £132.19

19th of Feb 2013 / Pay Out £110.91 / Balance = £194.09

7th of Jan 2013 / Deposit In £305 / Balance = £305

The Treasurer also reported “I haven’t had a reply from James Hargrave as yet and have emailed him directly to his blog site. No other information to report on.”

James Hargrave is the new IT manager for the Suffolk Libraries and he was asked for guidance regarding laptop equipment and Wi-Fi.

Sheila Smith provided an update on the Locality Budget Visit Lakenheath website payment. Despite confirming that the Friends of Lakenheath Library bank account could be used to provide payment to Mr Steve Warren for the village website by the required date, the payment was delayed by purdah.

Following Sheila Smith’s statement at the meeting held on the 12th March regarding the potential for additional funding for Wi-Fi from the County Council Locality Budget, Anne Cross reported that there were strict rules as to how much money can be given to a charity in each Fiscal Year.

3) Potential Fund Raising:

Ideas include increase community awareness of the funding required and seek contributions/sponsorship from the public and or local businesses.

Chris Howard reported that he had not heard from Steve Warren for some time regarding the potential use of one of the library windows for local business advertising.

Chris Howard to contact Steve Warren and confirm if this opportunity was still available.

The benefit of contacting the RAF Commander at Lakenheath was discussed.

It was agreed that Sheila Smith would draft a letter high lighting the plight of the library and asking if there were any potential funding streams available from the US Forces.

It was reported that quizzes attracted considerable interest but it was thought that there were a number of other organisations in the village that held regular quizzes including The Tap and the village hall.

Anne Cross reported that the meeting with Jane Tutchenor (local artist) had been interesting. It was agreed that Jane should be asked to hold a show/sell session with a raffle at the library and to be offered a share of the library tent at the fete.

4) IPS/Library Updates

Small Charity Constitution. Chris Howard reported that the IPS Community Liaison Officer, Jack Hill be happy to attend the next meeting to discuss concerns regarding the responsibility of the constitution trustees. Chris Howard to confirm when Jack Hill’s availability in June.

The potential for the library to set up as a charity in its own right was discussed. Sheila Smith stated that whilst she understood that to do so may attract more sources of funding, she was against the idea. The reasons given were:

the group must set up a system that will survive the current members

to run a charity is a substantial time investment that she was unable to support

the responsibility could dissuade potential new committee members.

Anne Cross responded that a charity can quite easily be closed down but acknowledged that to do so would mean some library services being stopped.

5) Publicity/Library Events

Questions for the Village History Hunt were proposed and Anne Cross requested that Madeleine Rockett/Bill Rockett put together the advertisement for the event for the Lakenheath Times. It was agreed that the questions would not be published in the Lakenheath Times but that Madeleine Rockett/Bill Rockett would put together an article to publicise the event, detailing the entry requirements and cost. Madeleine Rockett/Bill Rockett would also select the questions and identify a suitable prize

Post Meeting Notes: The paragraph has been compiled and sent to the editor of the Lakenheath Times.

The questions have been collated and disseminated to all committee members. Copies of the question sheet will be provided in anticipation of the article.

Bill Rockett has procured the services of a local photographer who will take a portrait picture of the winner(s) or their designated representative(s).

Sheila Smith has contacted one of the organisers of the Village Carnival/Fete and requested that the winner be announced at the fete.

6) Any Other Business

Anne Cross stated that as she was very busy throughout May she would prefer to delay the next meeting until June.

7) Date of Next Meeting

The date and time of the next meeting will be established when Chris Howard confirms

Post Meeting Note: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 4th June 2013 at 7pm in the library.

Minutes were taken by Sheila Smith on 16th April 2013