Monthly Archives: January 2014

Priorities Surgery this Weekend

Brandon’s Safer Neighbourhoods Team are holding a Priorities Surgery at Lakenheath Library this coming Saturday 25th January, from 11am-1pm.

Lakenheath residents are encouraged to pop along for a chance to speak directly to Brandon SNT Officers regarding the current issues the team are targeting that affect the local community, or to suggest new ones.

Jigsaw Library Launch

Jigsaw LibraryLakenheath Library is today launching a Jigsaw Library. So if you’re a keen jigsaw-er who has run out of fresh puzzles, then sign up to the Jigsaw Library today to swap, loan and exchange a selection of colourful jigsaw puzzles for just a £1.00 donation to the F.O.L.K. charity tin per loan!

You are able to keep each loan for as long as it takes you to complete it, so don’t panic if a pesky sky-scape is taking you weeks to piece together! All we ask is that you please return all loans to Lakenheath Library. F.O.L.K. are also happy to take in any complete jigsaw donations to add to their growing library of puzzles.