Some Wintery Inspiration…

Are you having trouble finding that particular spark of inspiration to get your Winter Writing Competition entry going? Well, why not use some of the words and themes below to kick-start your creativity?

Snow / blizzards / icicles / Jack Frost

Cold / chill / wind / harsh / bleak

Sweaters / scarves / hats / earmuffs

Cuddling / cosy inside / roaring fireplace

Hot chocolate / cocoa / roasted chestnuts

Christmas / Father Christmas / New Year

School holidays / adventures

Carols / hymns / festivities / holiday cheer

Silver bells / candy canes / decorations

Spending time with family & friends

Snowmen / snowball fights / sledding

Robins / Reindeer / Holly / Mistletoe

Red noses / grey skies / white snow

Darkness of long, early nights

Bare trees / Evergreens / dead plants

Hibernating / migrating / burrowing

Seasonal depression / lonely / Scrooge

This is only a very minute selection of what your story could be about – let your imagination run free, provided it’s about WINTER it will be eligible!

Don’t forget: the closing date for entries is 6th January 2015. Additional information can be found via THIS link. Happy writing!


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