Monthly Archives: June 2015

Page Update

Following the standing down and re-election of officers at this year’s A.G.M., we have updated the “Meet the Friends” page with a list of our current members and their roles for 2015-16.

Post News & Pictures Plea

PostTo all the eager authors of short stories who entered our Winter Writing Challenge, you will be pleased to know that your invitations to our Awards Ceremony have been POSTED! Please expect to see yours landing on your welcome mat early-middle of next week!

PencilAlso, as the date of completion for the Winter Writing Challenge 2014-15 Anthology nears, there are still 3-4 authors we are yet to receive pictures/illustrations/photographs from to accompany their stories. If this is you, please could we ask that you get in touch with the library within the NEXT WEEK to either deliver or email your picture to us? Many thanks.