Friends of Lakenheath Library Meeting, 7th of March, 2017

Date:  7th of March 2017
Time:  6.30 pm

Location:  Lakenheath Library

Present:  Mary Dimond, Chris Howard, Marilyn Shone, Iain Frost, Jean Reynolds


(1)  Apologies for Absence

Jack Norman
(2)  Minutes of from the previous Meeting

Agreed and signed.

(3)  Library Inspection

Went well and no issues were raised.   A reminder was given regarding the coming May elections and any interaction with Councillors.   A recent
e-mail from Daniel Harvey included a copy of the information sheet amongst other information.

(4) Finance

Expenditure:  £24.15 for iPad cases / £79.95 for the water heater.
Income:  £167.83 (not previously included in minutes) and £86.00.
Bank balance currently £3,583.53

(5) Library Budget Reduction

The budget reductions were agreed – £200,000. The server cabinet has now been removed.  With grateful thanks to Jack Norman and Steph Andrews for undertaking this onerous task.

(6) Library Refurbishment

Demco Interiors have been approached for design and costings.  A representative came to the library on 2 March and the proposals should be with us sometime next week.

(7) Harry Potter Party

Discussed and the next meeting will be devoted to finalising the details.

(8) Book Sale

A two-day sale (Friday/Saturday 30 March/1 April).  Post-meeting it was decided not to arrange for the gazebo.   Promotion of the event to be on the blog and Facebook, as well as posters.

(9) Dates(s) of Next Meeting(s)

21 March 2017 at 6.30 pm (amended from 14th)


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