About Us

The Friends of Lakenheath Library group was formed in Spring 2011 in response to a public meeting which was held in the village to draw the community’s attention to the much-publicised threat the Suffolk Library service was under due to major budgetary pressure.

The F.O.L.K.’s main aim is to ensure the continued survival of our library and promote it as a welcoming cultural centre for our village of Lakenheath in the west of the county of Suffolk.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Increase the numbers of people using the Library
  • Hold fundraising events associated with the Library
  • Run regular events at the Library for local schoolchildren
  • Provide news about our work via F.O.L.K. blog
  • Write a monthly column in the Lakenheath Times
  • Become a registered charity to generate revenue for the Library
  • Encourage local people to join the Friends of Lakenheath Library

One response to “About Us

  1. While I no longer live in the village, I do visit every year, it would be nice to see some thing about the people and the history of the village, You can see so many other villages that have a geneology site, think that would bring some traffic into the village instead of having to drive to Bury and searching for info as it would be right there in the village. I would even be happy to hunt info down for the site. There is a lot of history about the war’s and its people that seem to be forgotten and would be good to get the history from the village people before it is to late.

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