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Friends of Lakenheath Library Meeting, 02/05/17

Date: 2nd of May 2017

Time: 6.30 p.m.

Location: Lakenheath Library

Present: Mary Dimond, Chris Howard, Marilyn Shone, Jean Reynolds.

1) Apologies for absence: Iain Frost

2) Minutes for March have been agreed and signed.

3) The Potter Party went very well with 26 people attending the event and 64 people using the library that day. Thank you must also go to Tracey Sismey for her help and assistance and Laura Mackie for the excellent cakes.

4) Finance: The Bank balance remains at £3583.53.

5) The closing date for the Suffolk Libraries survey is 8 May 2017. Update reminders to go on the Blog, Facebook and Lakenheath Community site.

The next community forum is Monday, 22 May at Ixworth Library. MS to confirm whether she can attend.

The new self-service machine is to be installed on 6th June 2017.

A mental health event is being held on Wednesday, 7 June 2017 from 2-4 p.m.

The AGM will be held on 23 May to start at 7.00 p.m. It was decided to have the meeting at the library. JR to arrange a display. MD and MS to organise their reports.

6) Library refurbishment: Points were made on the submitted plans and CH to discuss them with the Demco representative.

All are to reflect on the issues to be considered concerning quotes for work to be carried out to ensure a finite list.

7) The Reading Challenge for this Summer is to be Animal Agents. More details will be received, possibly late June.

To consider options for a new FOLK banner. Further discussion to be deferred until the next meeting.

8) Dates(s) of next meeting(s):

AGM: Tuesday, 23 May 2017 at 7.00 p.m at Lakenheath Library.

Friends of Lakenheath Library Meeting, 7th of March, 2017

Location:  Lakenheath Library
Date:  7th of March 2017
Time:  6.30 pm

Present:  Mary Dimond, Chris Howard, Marilyn Shone, Iain Frost, Jean Reynolds

(1)  Apologies for absence:  Jack Norman

(2)  Minutes of last meeting agreed and signed.

(3)  Library inspection went well and no issues were raised.   A reminder was given regarding the coming May elections and any interaction with Councillors.   A recent
e-mail from Daniel Harvey included a copy of the information sheet amongst other information.

(4) Finance:
Expenditure:  £24.15 for iPad cases / £79.95 for water heater.
Income:  £167.83 (not previously included in minutes) and £86.00.
Bank balance currently £3,583.53

(5) The budget reductions were agreed – £200,000. The server cabinet has now been removed.  With grateful thanks to Jack Norman and Steph Andrews for undertaking this onerous task.

(6) Demco Interiors have been approached for design and costings.  Representative came to the library on 2 March and the proposals should be with us sometime next week.

(7) Harry Potter Party was discussed and the next meeting will be devoted to finalising the details.


Book Sale:  A two day sale (Friday/Saturday 30 March/1 April).  Post-meeting it was decided not to arrange for the gazebo.   Promotion of the event to be on the blog and Facebook, as well as posters.

(9) Dates(s) of Next Meeting(s):

21 March 2017 at 6.30 pm (amended from 14th)

Friends of Lakenheath Library Meeting, 06/12/16

Location: Lakenheath Library
Date: 6th December 2016

Present: Mary Dimond, Chris Howard, Iain Frost, Jean Reynolds.

(1) Apologies for absence:

Marilyn Shone

(2) Minutes of Last Meeting

They have been agreed and signed.

(3) Bookfest 2016

The two evenings held at Brandon Library had some very good feedback and can be viewed as a success.  It is hoped that this will lead to further events.

(4) Treasurer’s Report

No treasurer’s report.  The Bank balance remains at £3311.61. An initial list of potential sources of funding has been identified.

(5) Trustee Information

Has been updated.

(6) Suffolk Libraries Budget

Budget reduction proposals to the Scrutiny Committee on 15 December and to the Full Council in February.  More details on the Suffolk Libraries computer site and includes a letter written by Tony Brown, Chair of Suffolk Libraries Board. Changes to the IT system actioned and has had some teething problems. iPads have been received.  An introductory training event to be arranged.  Hughes to be attending;  Proposed advertising considered;  Invitations to be extended. Date to be confirmed.  Jean suggested that the local scout group be used to deliver flyers.   Check with Parish Council on numbers.

(7) Refurbishment

Action for proposed updating of the library was discussed.  Jean to approach F. Glover for designs and coatings.   (Plans should be with us in January).

(8) Any other business:

It was agreed to take advantage of the Bank Holiday to clear back room.  (This was cancelled). December window display arranged for 13 December. iPad idea for January window display suggested. The issue of the Celtic Cross was discussed.  To await update.

(9) Date of Next Meeting: 

6th January 2017 (rearranged to 13th January 2017)

Friends of Lakenheath Library Meeting, 07/10/16

Location: Lakenheath Library

Date: 7 October 2016
Time: 7.00 p.m.

Present: Mary Dimond, Chris Howard, Marilyn Shone

(3) Matters arising:
Confirmed that FOLK will attend the Brandon Quiz Night on Thursday,
13 October.

(4) Treasurer’s Report
Bank balance at the end of September stands at £3311.61.
Income: £495.00 Expenditure: £42.48

(5) IPads

They should be available by early November. An introductory event to be
arranged with Helen Hayes. Invitations to be extended.

(6) Bookfest 2016 (A combined effort with Brandon Library)
To promote the event as widely as possible. Waiting for specific tasks
required of LK Friends.

(7) Any other business
Work to be carried out on 25 October, re: ‘IT migration’.

It was agreed that it would be beneficial for Demco/Eclipse (Library planners)
to be approached for designs and costings.


(8) Dates(s) of Next Meeting(s):
Tuesday, 1 November 2016 at 7.00 p.m.
Tuesday, 29 November 2016 at 7.00 p.m.

Oomp A Loompa Success!

Thank you to everyone who visited the F.O.LK. stall at last Saturday’s Lakenheath Carnival (6th August). As well as promoting this year’s Roald Dahl-themed Summer Reading Challenge, through a tombola, donated book sale and “Oomp A Loompa at the Chocolate Factory” game our stall raised an impressive £185 for our F.O.LK. fund!

Don’t forget: F.O.LK. is a member of Suffolk Libraries IPS, which holds charity status, and all raised funds go towards further events, projects and activities which keep YOUR local library running.


(Photo taken by Sheila Smith)

Decorations, Minutes & Meetings – F.O.L.K. Round-up

Lakenheath library got into the Diamond Jubilee spirit in late May and early June with a trio of highly publicised Queen-themed Arts and Crafts sessions. Check out the photos below to see some of the creative goodies which came out of the sessions and decked our halls during the nationwide celebration:

Home-made bunting laboriously crafted by one of our customers

A crown fit for a… dinosaur?!

Hand-drawn portrait of Her Majesty courtesy of our very own Chris Howard

In other news, our “Minutes from Meetings” section is bang up-to-date now that the write-up of our latest meeting on May 28th has been uploaded. Click HERE to read it now or access it through the toolbar above our banner at the top of the page.

Finally, F.O.L.K. are currently in the process of arranging an informal get together to provide any of our members who were unable to attend our last fact-packed meeting with the opportunity to have a friendly (unminuted) catch-up and air any ideas, views and/or concerns regarding the IPS or the community group itself. Keep checking back here – or pop in to the library – to find out when this will be taking place.

Just a Minutes

F.O.L.K. Group 24/08/2012That’s not a typo you see in the title but a masterly way for me to draw your attention to a blog update! This is very much only a first step on the road to a more resourceful website, but you can now access the minutes from the F.O.L.K.’s first committee meeting back in August of last year.

You can reach the page either via the menu bar running above our banner at the top of the screen or by clicking the link HERE.

Keep checking back over the coming weeks as we continue to expand our online library of minutes from all our ‘Friends’ committee meetings.