Friends of Lakenheath Library Meeting, 23/10/12

Location, Date & Time: Lakenheath Library, 23rd October 2012 at 7pm

Attendees: Chris Howard, Bill Rockett,Madelaine Rockett, Marilyn Shone, County Cllr Colin Noble, Anne Cross and Sheila Smith.

Apologies: Parish Cllr Iain Frost and Alison Donald.

1. Apologies for Absence and Agenda

The meeting was opened with apologies given as above. There was no agenda for this meeting as it was to confirm the arrangements for the Halloween event due to occur on the 30th October 2012.

2. Previous Meetings Minutes

The last meeting minutes were not available for review. All actions are captured on the Action Register.

3. Treasurer’s Report for September 2012

The Treasurer reported that she had emailed Cllr Colin Noble detailing the expected budgets for both Halloween and Christmas along with the claim from the Village Carnival to a total cost of £305.00 but had yet to receive a response or money.

Cllr Noble reported that he had authorised the money but that it takes some weeks for it to go through the system. He would chase the payment up as soon as possible.

Marilyn Shone also reported that in order for the committee to check the bank account balance on line, the account names are required to provide another sample of their signatures. This action was undertaken during the meeting.

4. Funding

Chris Howard reported that he had been approached by Steve Warren (creator of the Visit Mildenhall website and Visit Lakenheath/Library webpage) with the potential of renting the library windows to advertisers for an estimated £1,200 per year. As a central point of the village plus its location to passing traffic, the library with its large windows would be a valuable asset. Members stated that this is excellent news but that care had to be taken with the types of advertising being offered.

Chris Howard reported that he had raised the matter with the area manager and was awaiting a response.

Post meeting notes: Chris Howard reported that the response from the area manager had been positive, and the IPS was looking at advertising as a funding source in all the libraries across the county.

5. Library Events

5a . Halloween

The following was agreed:

  • 3pm – 5pm (up to 7 years old) spooky stories, puppets, arts, crafts and face painting by “Monday’s Child” (aka Laurie).

Marilyn Shone has the witch costume and a suitable book of short stories and will be happy to be the Story Witch. In addition, Marilyn Shone purchased Halloween decorations, balloons, sweets and carved pumpkins as well as offering to assist CH in decorating the library.

Madeleine Rockett provided a superb witch’s hat as well as two carved pumpkins. Madeleine Rockett & Bill Rockett reported that they had contacted the face painter and she would be happy to be at the library from 3 until 5pm. She has offered her services and paints free of charge. However, the committee agreed that a payment of £10 would be in order.

Anne Cross offered to provide a “cauldron” and a balloon pump.

  • 5pm – 7pm (7 and older) arts and crafts

Sheila Smith offered to assist in this area but highlighted that she could not be at the library until around 5:30pm.

Unfortunately, due to other commitments Madeleine Rockett and Anne Cross could not assist on the day.

Bill Rockett reported that whilst he was happy to assist in erecting the decorations, he was unable to assist in the events.

Post meeting note: Parish Cllr Iain Frost reported at a later date that he would be available the whole day to help with the decorations and assisting with the events.

5b. Christmas

It was suggested that as the last two events were aimed at the younger library users we may look to providing something for the other age groups.

An evening of mince pies & mulled wine with Christmas music was suggested.

It was agreed that as the committee had not decided what event(s) would be taking place, the article for the Lakenheath Times should indicate that readers should watch out for advertisements in the near future.

5c Meet the Author

Chris Howard reported that on the Chris Priestley blog he and two other authors had recently conducted a day class.

It was agreed that such an event would be advantageous to the village and the library and the committee would look to this in the new year.

6. Any Other Business

Bill Rockett reported that on listening to a recent audio newspaper he had heard that Sylvia Knight, IPS Committee Member had visited Brandon Library and reported that £100,000 had to be saved from the Suffolk Libraries and that this worked out at approximately £5,000 per library.

Cllr Noble to be contacted for him to identify exactly how much savings had to be made.

Post Meeting Note: Chris Howard reported that information had been received from the IPS that he would brief the committee on at the next meeting. The information received makes this action unnecessary.

7. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in the Library on Monday the 26th November 2012 at 7pm.


Minutes taken by Sheila Smith, Chair and Secretary of F.O.L.K, edited and uploaded by Parish Cllr Iain Frost

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