Friends of Lakenheath Library Meeting, July 2015

Location, Date & Time:  Lakenheath Library, 7th July 2015, 7:00pm

Attendees:  Chris Howard, Mary Dimond, Iain Frost, Jean Reynolds and Sheila Smith.

Apologies:  Marilyn Shone.


Item Minutes

The secretary thanked all for attending.  The minutes of the last meeting were accepted.


Treasurer’s Report

Unavailable for this meeting as Treasurer was not in attendance.


IPS/Library Updates

The Winter Writing Competition Award Ceremony held at the Peace Memorial Hall on the 29th June 2015 went exceptionally well with attendees providing very positive feedback.  Alison Bruce thanked the group for her invitation and said how much she enjoyed the evening.

114 copies of the book have been requested and it was agreed that these would be sold for £5.00 each.  All further reprints will be advertised widely and sold for £7.99.

It was reported that a request has been made to make the book available on the Visit Lakenheath website. Sheila Smith to identify the process for electronic publishing.

An Inspection by Stephen Taylor of Suffolk County Council was has been scheduled for Thursday 9th, July 2015.  Mary Dimond reported that she would assist Chris Howard in tidying the library and checking that all the information provided was current.

Suffolk Libraries AGM planned for Thursday, 10th September 2015 at The Cookhouse, Suffolk Food Hall, Wherstead, Suffolk, IP9 2AB (6.30pm-8.00pm).



People’s  Project/St Mary’s Church Combined Fete.  It was agreed that the Friends would apply for a pitch at which would be held a tombola, book sale and Summer Reading Challenge advertising.

Summer Reading Challenge Award.  Date to be confirmed.  Ideas were sought for an additional Friends competition relating to the summer reading challenge project. Record Breakers.

Crafty Halloween – As well as our usual Halloween Event to include face painting, it was agreed that Mary Dimond and Jean Reynolds would lead Halloween decoration crafting sessions on a Sunday afternoon.  Sessions to be advertised as widely as possible.

Children’s Quiz – the possibility of holding this event in conjunction with Halloween was discussed and agreed.

Crafty Christmas – use the Sunday Arts and Crafts sessions from November to 13th December to make Christmas decorations and gifts.  Paper crafts to be led by Mary Dimond, crochet craft to be led by Jean Reynolds and the lady who has previously held jewellery making sessions also to be contacted.  Sessions to be advertised as widely as possible

Library Wish Lists.  The following items were suggested for inclusion on the library wish list for consideration should funding be available:

  • Fresh material on notice boards – purple/lilac
  • Air Conditioning – wall mounted
  • Sensor lights for the gate area
  • New fence and new gate
  • New sign
  • External and internal painting
  • Another Crome Base
  • Sign listing services to be placed in the side window area
  • Additional storage in the staff area (once server cabinet is gone)
  • Smaller fridge, larger sink
  • Computer area (see plan)
  • Partition sectioning off area behind manager with shelving for jigsaws, recycling bin and library boxes
  • Smaller drop down computer tables/booths to be alongside partition (Study corral – £186 each)
  • Move table into current computer area space
  • Acquire two semi-circular tables (whilst retaining large table) (£425.00)
  • Children’s Area
  • Replace dinosaur book holder with something on wheels (good quality)
  • More wall space for artwork displays
  • Mobile book browser = £195.98
  • Main area
  • Bookcase with wheels (back of which could be used for notices.
  • Smaller self-service table with shelf underneath
  • Replace all shelving for those with wheels (£261.21 single; £330.18 double)
  • Fold up notice boards – £182.00
  • Leaflet dispenser – £92.93

The repairs/replacement of the inner door following the break-in last year has yet to be done.  This matter to be raised with Jack Norman for escalation to management if necessary.


Any Other Business

Mary Dimond suggested we seek opinions on starting a Friends of Lakenheath Library 50 (or 100) Club with a £25 (or £50) monthly prize.

It was proposed that the group should hold a competition for 12’s and under to design and make a new Friends of Lakenheath Library collection box/tin.


Date of Next Meeting

The next Friends of Lakenheath Library meeting will be held in the Library on the 11th August 2015, starting at 7pm.